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A tale based on my favorite music

One night you left when I more needed you. You broke our promise of never leaving each other. You were dating other girl, and I didn´t realiza our love was a lie. 

I don´t know if it was just appearance, but you seem to love  me.  

A ll this could have been forever, but now we have reached the end.    Even if you wanted it, you didn´t get it. 

I couldn’t believe you have asked this things of me, but now I know everybody is fool, and there´s anything we can do. 

What can I do? I can´t tell the reasons, I just did it for you. When lies turned into truth…I couldn’t fell my senses, I just feel the cold, and I´m afraid of you. 

I won´t forgive you, even if it´s hard for me to forget you.


3 comentarios

  1. Oo
    Identifique una canción nadamás! xD
    Alguien estará enamorada….?

  2. amiguita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X3
    ese Kevin me gano :S
    pero en fin, aqui estoy =D
    tu escribiste eso?
    te quedo geneeeeeeeeeeeeeealmente triste…
    pero en fin asi es la vida de cruel, que le hacemos… ^^

  3. ahahah admito k no se que canciones son
    pero estan muy coherentes 😀
    pero me imagino a los quienes son los grupos
    ahahah k buena imaginacion


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